Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc Money

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Symbol: (Fr) or (SFr)

Subdivisions: 100 Rappen (German), Centime (French), Centesimo (Italian)

Coins – 5Rp, 10Rp & 20Rp. ½Fr, 1Fr, 2Fr & 5Fr.
Notes – 10Fr, 20Fr, 50Fr, 100Fr, 200Fr & 1,000Fr.

Central Bank: Swiss National Bank

Mint: Swissmint

Currency Code: CHF

Reserve Currency Ranking: 5th.

Countries of Use: Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

Nickname: Stutz, 2-Frankler, 5-Liiber (Swiss-German) Balles, Thune. (French)

Interesting Fact: On 6th September 2011 The Swiss National Bank set a minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Francs to the Euro, citing the Franc’s strength at that time as a significant threat to the Swiss economy. The SNB announced they were prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities in order to keep export prices reasonable and attract sufficient tourism. Within 15 minutes the Swiss Franc dropped 9% against the Euro, 7.7% against the US Dollar and 7.8% against British Sterling.


  • Due to Switzerland’s quadrilingual population, the coins are inscripted with Latin, to avoid language bias.